International Day of Peace - Cape Town Heart of Peace

14 September 2011

South African Peace Alliance attending

International Peace Day Sacred Sound and Meditation Gathering
Cape Town City - The Heart of Peace - A BEAUTY FILLED Blessing Ceremony and gathering of peace makers


When: Wednesday 21ST SEPTEMBER


Time: 12 pm - 2 pm

CONTACT: Ayala 083 5488845

In a MEDITATION demonstration we will bless water from the Cape Town City Centre toning the sound OM MA CA MI SA (The universal sound of the universe, oh great mother wisdom that gives us the sweet water) , sending thoughts and intentions to purify the waters in our rivers as well as the water flowing through our veins, we are over 70 percent water, and so is Earth and we need to take care of her.

A gathering for all, which will be attended by religious and spiritual leaders from all denominations, who will be blessing spring waters that run off the mountains of Cape Town. To accompany this will be a peace ceremony which will be a mass chanting of the Aum Ma Camisa mantra. Camisa is a name given by the sovereign first nation African people for sweet waters (of Cape Town).
The mantra was written and sung by Ayala Katz, a tireless campaigner for peace, in a collaboration with Chris Tokalon on flute and vocals and the Ubuntu wellness centre, which promotes the remarkable work and findings of Dr Masaru Emoto. There will be a lighting of the Peace torch. Also featured will be performances by poet, Croc E Moses, and Lindi te Water on Tibetan bowls, Fiona Almeleh will be creating a peace candala of flowers throughout the event, Sangoma Nolita will bless the space and Med Mob will be sitting in silent meditation.

All displays of Peace Welcome!

Let the water unify us with it’s blessings and wash over us!

Watch Caron Von Zeil speak on the Reclaim Camissa (TED TALK)

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