Vision and Mission


Vision and Mission


The board of the of the South African Peace Alliance are ordinary citizens that are passionate about making a culture of peace and difference in the quality of all South Africans lives.

Karen Barensché

Chief Executive

Karen Barensché, executive director and co-founder, formed the South African Peace Alliance in 2007 together with Loren Human, Jacqueline Kolbe and Mulweli Rebelo. In 2005 Karen co-founded and is currently non-executive director of MetaVarsity College in Cape Town, South Africa. Karen further serves her community as a Reverend for her internationally based church group. She is deeply passionate about South Africa and its people, with the enormous capacity to demonstrate individuality and creativity, despite a lack of resources. She shares the belief of many South Africans that it is possible to live in peaceful co-existence. Her mission is to further this vision through the institutionalisation of peace building within government structures that implement and drive peace policies and promote Non Violent Communication Training (NVC), Conflict Resolution, storytelling, human security, a Youth Peace Corps, Peace Education in schools and the workplace, solidarity and inter-cultural understanding programs, arms reduction and a sustainable and economically viable environment.

Jenny Ibbotson


Jenny is a writer and speaker.  For many years she has researched and contemplated the idea of how we create our reality both individual and collective.  She is the author of two books on this subject:  The Obedient Universe and How We Can Save the World:  the million minutes project.  She now works within her own initiative, the Future Sense Institute and has recently joined the Board of the South African Peace Alliance.  Jenny spent many years in the business world and was an executive director of a large listed company.  She served on various boards and committees and has a post-grad diploma in company direction and a master’s degree in economic policy.

Brett Herron

Legal Advisor

Brett Herron is an attorney by profession and is the majority shareholder and Director of the South African Law School – a private legal skills training school that focuses on paralegal training.  He is also a Councillor in the City of Cape Town where he serves as the Mayoral Committee Member for Community Services.  Brett founded and funds the Cape Town Advice Office, a free advice office that provides socio-legal advice and assistance to Cape Town residents who are unable to afford the services of lawyers.  Over the past few years the Advice Office, which is also an applied skills training opportunity for paralegal students, has assisted thousands of people with basic legal problems.

Mulweli Rebelo


Mulweli is a founding Director of the South African Peace Alliance, and currently holds the treasurer position.  Mulweli is also a founding member and Director of UniNet Communications, a South African based Telecommunications company. Mulweli was born in Mozambique, and holds a BComm degree in Information Systems from the University of Cape Town. In 2002, while at University, he and two partners started UniNet. The company today has networks covering the City of Cape Town, Johannesburg and Knysna.  He is also involved in Micro-credit and SME Development initiatives in he's home country. He is project managing the establishment of the Enablis entrepreneurial network in Mozambique, and together with the World Bank and Mozambican Ministry of Science and Technology, is assisting with the establishment of a Business Incubator in Maputo.

Brian Barensché

Independent Director

Brian became the Chief Executive of Sirdar South Africa after 18 very successful years in senior management with an international oil company. In this role he controlled the design and implementation of automated financial systems. As a project manager, leading large teams, Brian consistently met progress targets. Following a period of successfully growing his own small business, Brian now brings this combined corporate and private sector experience to small and medium businesses throughout South Africa. In addition he serves an independent director for the South African Peace Alliance, a non-profit organisation, committed to establishing a department of peace in government. Brian is driven by his passion for corporate governance and delivery of results to the enterprises in which he is involved.

T_Murithi.JPGDr. Tim Murithi   

Independent Director

Dr. Tim Murithi is Head of the Transitional Justice in Africa Programme at the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, in Cape Town, and a Research Fellow with the Department of Political Sciences at the University of Pretoria, in South Africa. From 2009 to 2010 he was Head of the Peace and Security Council Report Programme at the Institute for Security Studies, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Between 2008 and 2009 he was a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Peace Studies, University of Bradford, in the United Kingdom; from 2005 to 2007 he was a Senior Researcher at the Centre for Conflict Resolution, University of Cape Town, South Africa; and from 1999 to 2005 he was a Programme Officer at the Programme in Peacemaking and Preventive Diplomacy, in the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), in Geneva, Switzerland. From 1995 to 1998 he taught at the Department for International Relations, Keele University, England, where he also obtained his Ph.D in International Relations.


He is a Visiting Professor of International Relations at the Department of Political Science and International Relations, Addis Ababa University and has served as a consultant to the African Union, in Addis Ababa; the UN Development Programme in Sierra Leone on mediation issues; the Crisis Management Initiative, in Addis Ababa; the UN-Affiliated University for Peace in Addis Ababa; Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue in Geneva on mediation issues; and World Vision in Nairobi. He is on the International Advisory Boards of the Journal of Peacebuilding and Development and the African Peace and Conflict Journal. He is the author of over 70 publications, including two books: The Ethics of Peacebuilding, published by Edinburgh University Press, in 2009; and The African Union: Pan-Africanism, Peacebuilding and Development, published by Ashgate, in 2005. He is editor of two books entitled Towards a Union Government of Africa: Challenges and Opportunities, published by the Institute for Security Studies in Pretoria, in 2007, and co-editor of The African Union and its Institutions published by Jacana in Johannesburg, in 2008. He is currently co-editing a book on the AU Peace and Security Council.

Dr Fawzia Moolla

Independent Director

Primary qualification:   MBCHB   Dublin Ireland

Specialty: College of medicine South Africa    FC PSYCH   

I have worked as a medical officer at Midlands Medical Complex---Town hill, Fort Napier, and Umgeni Hospitals since 1980. Specialized in Psychiatry and went into private practice in 1996.  I did my MMed degree, and my research topic was “Patients experiences of and responses to ECT”   Following this I did a fellowship in psychiatry, with the College Of Medicine South Africa.  I did sessions at Midlands Medical Complex, and continued with private practice work. There are 3 private hospitals in Pietermaritzburg, which catered for our patients.  I also worked in New Zealand for 1 and half years in Psychiatry. Special Interest:   Adult psychiatry on a bio-psycho-socio-spiritual level. I belong to the Scientific and medical network in the UK. The members of this group explore the psycho-spiritual aspects of being, do research and provide evidence based outcomes.I   have been to Peru. Brazil, Machu Picchu and other areas in South America, I have researched and given talks on the “spiritual” aspects of the psyche.I have done extensive reading and attended seminars involving quantum physics, Spirit, soul and alternative healing modalities.


I have done REIKI, and energy medicine courses and Unani TIbb medicine.  On a personal level: I have two daughters who are both medical practitioners, one a pediatrician. They are both employed at Tygerburg Hospital. I have now relocated to CAPE TOWN, for various personal reasons. I have explored Shamanism, and Ayahuaska, and dance as transcendental forms of healing. I have visited Machu Pichu and the Amazon and other places in South America because of my keen interest in ethnic philosophies, and the promotion of a non-competitive type of a culture and teachings. By the same token Celtic philosophies and Stonehenge and druids fascinate me. I have been to Stonehenge and the power sites in England

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