Vision and Mission


Vision and Mission


The idea of a Department of Peace stems from humanities longing for a peaceful co-existence. This concept of peace can be applied as a fundamental principle within our social, cultural, educational, economic and political infrastructure.

The South African Peace Alliance was formed in 2006 and registered as a Non-Profit Organization in March 2008. A delegation from South Africa was invited to attend a two week summit for the Global Alliance for Departments/Ministries of Peace in September 2007 in  Japan.Twenty countries out of thirty-four were represented. Countries with existing campaigns and already established Ministries of Peace were represented, namely Nepal, the Solomon Islands and soon to be established, Costa Rica.

Currently a United Nations Resolution is being drafted to ensure that each nation establishes a Department or Ministry of Peace within its respective government under a Resolution number still to be announced.

An inspired South African Peace Alliance reiterated its commitment to this goal. The South African Peace Alliance came together with other participating African countries and formed the African Alliance for Peace. The AAP held its first summit in Ghana in May 2008. Ghana Summit Report The  second AAP summit will be hosted in Cape Town, South Africa in May 2009.


The origins of this movement began as far back as 1792, when Benjamin Banneker, an African American scientist, surveyor and editor and Dr. Benjamin Rush, educator and signer of the American Declaration of Independence, suggested the blue print for an Office of Peace. In more recent times, in February 2005, a Bill was introduced in the House of Representatives in the USA, to create a Department of Peace and Nonviolence. Currently this Bill is before the American Senate. For more information on this go to  For information on other countries campaigns go to

Promoting a culture of Peace has been recognised by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) through a passage of a resolution declaring an international decade of a Culture of Peace for the Children from 2000-2010.The objective is to further strengthen the global movement for a culture of Peace following the observance of the International Year for the Culture of Peace in 2000. 




Global Alliance Summit Japan 2007


JAP Sept 2007 051.jpg

African Alliance for Peace Japan 2007

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